I Reservation

  1. Each reservation will include the agreement of our general terms and conditions. DJs Effect Danse Mobile (referred to hereon end as DJs Effect) may change these terms at any time but must advise the client.
  2. The contract can be cancelled by any of the following signed parties, at least one month before the event, with a written letter or email explaining the reasons of the cancellation:
  • If the cancellation is done by the client, the amount already given to DJs Effect will be kept as a compensation. Although, the clients will be exempt from paying the rest of the balance.
  • If the cancellation is done by DJs Effect, a replacement service equivalent to the one mentioned in the contract will be given by another trusted DJ.

II Obligations

  1. The client must reserve a parking spot, close to the event location, big enough to fit a SUV and a trailer.
  2. If our services are needed before 6 PM, the client must order a warm meal for the DJs Effect personnel, which will be consumed during the event and will be at the expense of the client.
  3. In the event that the venue is more than 75 KM from Rockland (Ontario), the customer must provide the staff of DJs Effect, at their expense, with a room with a shower for the night. This clause is negotiable when signing the contract.
  4. The service is given without any additional time. If the client requests extra time during the event, an additional charge will be verbally agreed upon.
  5. The client agrees to allow DJs Effect to use photos taken at this event for promotional purposes. If guests are appearing in them, they will be asked for their agreement before being posted online.

III Logistic

  1. Transport will be made by us at no additional charge in a 75 KM range from Rockland (Ontario). For any greater distance, additional costs will be charged and will require payment to DJs Effect on the night of the event.
  2. It is up to the client to provide a valid point of contact. Otherwise, DJs Effect won’t be held responsible for any delays.
  3. DJs Effect can replace the equipment mentioned in this contract with equivalents. Note that there may be less equipment installed depending on the hall’s current setup.

IV Music for the Event

  1. It is up to the client to provide a detailed schedule of the event to DJs Effect to prevent any musical incident.
  2. Under no circumstances is DJs Effect will be held responsible for not finding the right song for the event. The client is responsible for providing the right title, artist and remix of the ones needed.

V Pricing & Payments

  1. The minimum amount charged to the client will be the one shown on the contract on the date it was signed. Any additional costs (transport, parking, etc.) will be added thereafter.
  2. A down payment of a minimum of 100$ will be asked for every official reservation.
  3. The remaining balance and any additional charges must be paid by the day of the event. Otherwise, a penalty of 15% of the total amount will be added.
  4. If payment is made by credit card, a service fee of 4% of the amount charged will be added.

VI COVID-19 & By-Laws

  1. The client has been made aware of the current public health guidance and by-laws in place and will be complying with them.
  2. Since the client is hiring DJs Effect as a vendor to his event, the client will be responsible for paying any fine or penalty given to DJs Effect.

VII Responsibilities

  1. The client is fully responsible for the event. All needed authorization will be their responsibility.
  2. The venue and/or the client must provide an area with a minimum of two (2) rectangle tables where the DJ may comfortably fit himself and his equipment.
  3. DJs Effect requires a minimum of three (3) 15-amp circuit outlet from a reliable power source within 50 feet (along the wall) of the setup area. This circuit must be free of all other connected loads. Any delay in the performance or damage to the equipment due to improper power is the responsibility of the client.
  4. In the event of an incident, DJs Effect shall not be held liable for any action arising from or relating to any individuals not directly affiliated with DJs Effect or the venue.
  5. The client agrees to assume full responsibility for all damages caused by themselves or their guests involving any of DJs Effect staff members and their property. This includes negligence to provide a safe environment for the DJ and the equipment. A safe environment includes: shelter from weather for the DJ and the equipment and a closed off area to where the guests may not touch or knock over equipment.
  6. For an outside event, the client will have to make sure that the equipment doesn’t get in contact with any lighter particle or debris (i.e. sand, dust, etc.). Otherwise, he will have to pay the cleaning fees related to it.
  7. In the event of damage being inflicted to the equipment by a guest, the client will be charged the repairs of it, plus, the price for renting any additional equipment during the repairs. If the damaged equipment is not repairable, the client will pay full price of new equipment.
  8. DJs Effect will not be held responsible for malfunctioning equipment due to a faulty electrical system or a power outing.
  9. If, during the event, a technical incident, not caused by DJs Effect, would’ve to occur delaying the normal operations, the client will still have to pay the remaining balance of the signed contract.

VIII Zero Tolerance

  1. We are dedicated to providing a professional and enjoyable entertainment experience for all our clients and guests. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against any form of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and any discriminatory actions based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. We expect all our DJs to conduct themselves in a manner that always respects the dignity and rights of others.
  2. Any reports of harassment will be taken seriously and investigated promptly. Consequences for violating this policy may include immediate removal from the event, termination of contract, and potential legal action.